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Lawn Care; A Maintenance Guide

A well taken care of lawn will always be at its best when talking of a landscape beauty and still have its value growing as time goes by. There are so many reasons as to why a lawn should be well taken care of especially with the fact that it is a playground for your children. There are numerous points that one needs to know if they want to have their lawn looking dazzling and in the best of health. The notes that follow should be an excellent guide to lead you to a healthy loan.

Mowing should be the first consideration you take note of. In as much as you have to ensure that you mow to a given size the best advice is always to keep it at three inches. The grass is likely to get competition from the weeds if you cut the grass to a length lesser than three inches. A rule expert’s use is that mowing takes a third of the general grass. This is known as the one third rule. Mowing should be done in different directions as it will help to increase the rate at which weeds are cut. Tearing leaves are what you could be doing instead of cutting if you fail to sharpen your mower on an annual basis.

For overall maintenance of grass and to have the roots grow deep you have to regularly water the plants. The percentage of water and amount necessary for a given lawn are affected by given factors. Temperature, mowing height, wind, the type of soil are some of the factors that affect the amount of water that a lawn is supposed to get. Less water should be added to shady grasses while grass covered by large trees is supposed to be given a lot of water. There will be little evaporation in case one waters the grass in the morning. The lousy thing about watering in the evening is the fact that the grasses will stay wet for long and could quickly get diseases. It is possible for the grass to turn brown in hotter climates and come back to green in wet temperatures.

When the nutrient level goes down then this should be the reason you resolve to use fertilizers. There are a number of factors that will give you a hint when fertilizers are necessary. The possible factors here are the lawn age, soil type, grass type, climate among others. Different fertilizers contain different nutrients, and that is why it is essential to understand what different plants need.

To avoid pest and weed invasion it is crucial to have a turf that is dense, vigorous and healthy in general. Your lawn will be in a place to be well maintained if you can notice pests and weeds as soon as they invade your lawn.

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What Research About Gardeners Can Teach You